Helm Chart App in Kubernetes using AWS ec2 instances

Launch four instances of ec2, one for Master and 3 for worker nodes:

Using my pre-default configuration of kubernetes AMI in AWS:

AMI image containing default kubernetes config.
Ec2-instances launched
logon Master node
Node1 joining the Master Node .
Nodes are ready

Install helm Package Manager in my Master Node:

Typing: helm in my command shows that

helm installed

Now the main party comes here how to create custom package/ chart in kubernetes ?

If you create custom package we have to write small programs, and we need a workspace in which we will create program; so to that i will create a workspace “ws-helm”. Also one thing to remember is the fact that your package name will take the folder name in which they reside , this means for each program i will create one folder for that.

  • One Chart “myweb” related to all my web program files, “mysql-db” for all the files required to my database mysql and one folder for integration development “jenkins”.
We haven’t any deployment lauched.
  • Now as we have already created the app and now we want to add more resources, we have to update the version of our app like:
app version updated
Updating app version after update our deployment
kubectl get pods and you can see that 3 copies of our deployment launched successfully through our App
  • For that let’s create a variable file called “values.yaml” in app folder like:
replicas is set for key our values.yaml file
Again helm launch successfully the 3 copies of our pods with the help of file values.yaml



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