Setup Docker container as Build Slaves for Jenkins for a Dynamic Provisioning



My Plan

Step 1: Start the Jenkins service and login it

Jenkins service running and now login with this ip

Step 2: Install Docker Plugin in the Master node

Install docker plugin

Step 3: Start Docker engine service on my local Machine

docker service running

Step 4 : Enable tcp connection on Docker engine

Suceessfully bind my local machine ip in Docker engine file

Step 5: Return to Master node to manage nodes by configuring Cloud

Configure Clouds option

Step 6: Launch a freestyle project job to test our setup

As i want to test our setup so feel free to give any command you want to be execute in the “Execute shell” field
Job running and immediatley a slave node is created in nodes tabs

Step 7: Let’s create a package and a test with our job from a Github maven app and our docker image


3rd Year CSE Student, Technology Passionate(Docker, AWS, K8s,Rhel Linux,...), Aspiring Security Expert😁

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